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image Be Vigilant About Preventing Infection

Infection prevention is critical in any healthcare setting, but particularly in hospice settings where infection can hasten and complicate the dying process. There are two upcoming days to take note…

image The Importance of Long-Term Care Planning

With October being Long-Term Care Planning Month and Organize Your Medical Information Month, we want to emphasize how critical it is to look ahead when planning for home health care…

image Bereavement and Grief Don’t Exclude Laughter

You may never think of putting humor and hospice in the same sentence but the truth is, the range of human emotions is vast for every circumstance and grief is…

image End of Life Care is Helped by Good Case Management

Quality case management is critical in how end of life care is carried out by hospice teams in the Santa Clara community. In honor of National Case Management Week (NCMW)…

image Consider Planning Long-Term Care Early

No one wants to think about putting a loved one in hospice. It can signify a letting-go, placing your faith in the next step of the life cycle. However, having…

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