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Grief Counseling

Grief Counseling begins for many people with a call to Pathways for bereavement support after the death of someone. Many who call have never used counseling. Counseling need not be complicated. Our bereavement therapists have had extensive training and experience. They have the passion to help those in grief.

When you call, we will want to know about you, how you have been since the death and about the person who passed. If the loss is recent, we will recommend meeting individually with one our therapists. These first sessions are offered on Zoom or face to face in one of our three offices noted below. Availability depends on the assigned therapist’s schedule and yours. Meeting in-person in the office will be based on our therapists’ availability.

Open to All

Pathways provides bereavement services to the bereaved served in Pathways Home Health and Hospice. Pathways also can provide bereavement to anyone who has experienced someone’s death within the past 13 months.

All bereaved services are supported by donations to the Pathways Foundation. Donations ensure that we can always continue to provide grief support to anyone in the communities we serve. Donations are encouraged. Please see the sidebar and follow the DONATION link if you would like to make a donation.