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Grief Support Groups

If you or someone you know needs grief support, Pathways Home Health & Hospice offers individual counseling and group support. Grief support groups are held throughout the year with many groups beginning the second week of September through early June and some through the summer. Groups are for six weeks, then take a break, and then resume with new and continuing participants for six weeks.

For Information about Pathways Bereavement Groups, Click link “Grief Support Overview” or call Linda Woodsmall at 408-773-4319

Please see our RESOURCES Page for additional offerings and literature.

Open to All

Pathways provides bereavement services to the bereaved served in Pathways Home Health and Hospice. Pathways also can provide bereavement to anyone who has experienced someone’s death within the past 13 months. All bereaved services are supported by donations to the Pathways Foundation. Donations ensure that we can always continue to provide grief support to anyone in the communities we serve.  Please see the sidebar follow the DONATION link if you would like to make a donation.