Adult Son Comforting Father's Suffering

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Please contact Pathways Bereavement Program for more information and to sign up for a support group.

Peninsula, South Bay including Sunnyvale and Redwood City,
San Francisco or East Bay:
For individual support contact Tom May at 408-773-4329.
For group information, please contact Vivian Shults at 408-773-4241.

You can also email us at

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Please click on this Donation link in order to show your support for our bereavement program. In the comment section please note that your donation is in appreciation for the bereavement support offered by Pathways.

Bereavement Support

Everyone grieves differently; for some it is a very private process, others have networks of friends and family that meet their needs. But many people benefit from participating in Individual support, or in a Group with others who are grieving.  Attending Memorial Services and Workshops can also be a way to honor your loved one as you begin your healing journey.

Pathways has an array of bereavement services to help people as they navigate this new territory without their loved one.

Please click the following links to view our literature:

Please click on the following links to learn more about the type of support that might interest you.




Open to All

Pathways opens its bereavement services to anyone in the community in need of this support, whether they had hospice care or not. Although our bereavement support is free, we encourage donations to the Pathways Foundations to ensure that we can always continue to provide grief support to anyone in the communities we serve.  Please see the sidebar if you would like to make a donation.