Ostomy & Wound Care

Whether it is a leg ulcer that won’t heal, a surgical incision that’s become infected, or learning to manage a difficult new colostomy, Pathways can help. We have certified wound and ostomy nurses on staff who oversee care and assess treatment effectiveness. Our staff will teach patients and family members how to manage their ostomies and wounds.


Pathways has a wound management program and certified wound nurses that oversee Pathways’ ostomy and wound training and care. Our nurses:

    • Evaluate wounds to determine the best approach to treatment.
    • Recommend appropriate approaches and innovative techniques to speed healing.
    • Assess body systems and factors in the home that might affect the wound.
    • Teach the patient and caregivers what they need to know for optimal healing.
    • Assess the wound’s response to treatment.
    • Work closely with the patient’s doctor.


An ostomy is an artificial opening, usually on the abdomen, created to allow bowel or bladder contents to be expelled when natural means are available. Pathways specially trained nurses can provide:

    • Hands-on post-operative care for new ostomies of all sorts.
    • Stoma care instruction to patients and caregivers.
    • Troubleshooting and problem solving for new and older ostomies.
    • Assessment of healing and patient’s ability to manage the ostomy.