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Rehabilitation at Home

Rehabilitation at home helps prevent trips to the hospital or being hospitalized again after you have had an injury, surgery or a decrease in your ability to get around.

Pathways Home Health provides physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy planned just for your needs. We work to get you back to your former level of function.

Program Features

Patients have a therapist case manager to coordinate all the patient’s needs. Pathways has nurses, social workers, dietitians and certified home health aides to round out the patient’s care when these services are needed.

Pathways provides an extensive arrant of services:

  • Stroke / neurological rehab
  • Fractures / joint replacement.
  • Acute / chronic back pain
  • Difficulty walking
  • Musculoskeletal / sports injuries
  • Cardiac and lung disease
  • Balance / fall prevention
  • Spinal cord / head injuries
  • Swallowing / dysphagia
  • Speech / memory deficits

Our therapists also evaluate for medication safety, risks for falls and the need for adaptive equipment. We want to ensure the safest, most comfortable recovery.

Arranging Home Health care

When hospitalized patients can talk with their doctor or hospital case manager about home health care and request Pathways.  Pathways hospital nurse liaisons help to make a smooth transition home.

If you are not in the hospital, our insurance coordinator will verify your benefits for you. Just call Pathways at 888-755-7855 or have your doctor contact us.  We will work with you, your doctor and your insurance provider to make a personalized plan for your home health care.