Celebration of Light Memorial Service: Follow this link for updated information

Each December, this memorial service brings light and warmth to the winter season. During this time of gathering we remember our loved ones with music, readings, reflections and a candle-lighting ritual that highlights the importance of light in six major faith traditions.  We also provide the opportunity for you light a candle for your loved one as we collectively honor their life.

Afternoon of Remembrance Memorial Service: Follow this link for updated information

In May, with the ushering in of Memorial Day, graduations, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day we are often reminded of the absence of our loved one.  As a way to honor those special people whose absence we miss dearly, Pathways offers a time to come together to foster renewal and growth through music, readings, reflections and collectively creating a large flower bouquet.

Pathways Through the Holidays
Preparing for the Holidays, we will be making many decisions about how to move forward. We encourage you to take care of yourself during one of the most difficult times of the year for someone who is grieving. Please let us support you by following the link to our multi page handout Pathways Through the Holidays. “Pathways Through the Holidays”