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Care of veterans is always a priority at Pathways

Veterans have given years of their lives so that the rest of America and our allies can live safely. Pathways respects their sacrifices and wants these men and women to have the best health care possible, whether they need Home Health CareHospice or Volunteer Services.

Pathways is sensitive to veterans’ needs

We understand that veterans have unique health risks and care needs — everything from post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic injuries to exposure to chemical agents.  Vets have had an experience all their own — and at Pathways we understand that.

We are sensitive to branch of service, rank, age, combat status, and length of service. We also know that vets have often had to “tough it out” and their experience may have made them more stoic than other patients. Their care needs to be individualized to their unique needs.

Pathways knows veteran benefits

Our medical social workers are trained in the special needs of veterans and know the many community resources available to veterans and their families. Our staff can be very helpful in linking vets to organizations designed specifically to meet their needs. For instance, we know the factors that determine eligibility for specialized VA services, and we partner with local VA facilities to coordinate optimal care.

VA or Medicare?

The VA system and its benefits are complex, but we can help explain them so that you can decide whether to access services through Medicare or the VA, for those who are covered by both programs. All veterans enrolled with the VA are entitled to hospice care, regardless of their service connection.

We Honor Veterans Pinning Service

Pathways honors Veterans with a pinning ceremony that recognizes their service to our country and fellow citizens. The ceremony is conducted by the Pathways We Honor Veterans team and the Veteran is presented with a Certificate of Appreciation and Veteran pin. The Veteran pin contains the American Flag, Eagle and “dog tags” with the inscription PROUDLY SERVED.

Let us care for you

Veterans have given of themselves to care for us, now let Pathways care for you.