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Participant Survey Quotes

Group Evaluations:

“Both therapists are excellent group facilitators. They take genuine interest in their group clients. They are great listeners and strong communicators while moving forward in this grief journey.”


“Our group is becoming more intimate and supportive as a result of their facilitation. They have been very effective in supporting me individually.”


“You provide a very valuable service and should be commended for the work you do.”


“I wanted to make sure to give you both an A+ and make donations because I don’t know how you get paid. I assume you are supported by donations.”


“Thank you! The group was wonderful with wonderful people; so encouraging! Great meeting others who feel the way I do.”


“I felt the sessions were helpful and guided well. The group is most affirmative to be with others who are alike and share our experiences.”


“I felt the check-in and handout discussions were insightful and helpful.”


“So safe in the group. The calm manner of both facilitators. The group comes together and respects each other.”


Individual Evaluations

“She was extremely helpful after losing my Mom and my Dad.”


“He is the best counselor I have ever had.”


“The therapist I had is an incredible counselor. She was able to give me tools to work through my grief about the loss of my mother. I have changed significantly from the way I viewed her loss, my past and present relationships which is something I never would have been aware of.”


“I have had five therapists in the past and he was by far the best.”


“She has been very helpful in so many ways. She always gave positive reinforcements along with a strong push to move forward.”


“He was an extremely gifted and knowledgeable counselor who helped empower me after a great loss with tools and techniques. I am forever grateful.”


“I appreciated learning actual things to do to comfort myself, to relieve anxiety. I don’t have to be alone and wondering why I was having those grief experiences.”