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Moving Confidently Into a New Year

As many of us are eager to say goodbye to a challenging year, we’re equally reminded of the positives and good times ahead. Celebration of Life Week is the first week of January, and it’s very fitting because it heralds in a new year of promise. Take this time for yourself, to revitalize and rejuvenate, prepping yourself to fully embrace 2021. While some of us have lost loved ones this year, others are only beginning their journey in hospice care in San Francisco and elsewhere. To face the challenges ahead, we must fortify ourselves with the strength to move confidently into the new year.

Embrace Life

Even though this year has posed challenges, it’s important to realize you have accomplished a lot more than you think. It’s time to celebrate those things and be thankful for what we did have. Check out these ways to celebrate your life every day to maintain a positive outlook.

1. Make a List

Before hitting the sack at night, write out a list of everything you think is worthy of celebrating. This can be reuniting with an old friend, having a productive and meaningful visit with your parent who suffers from Alzheimer’s, achieving a big win at work, or seeing your child make the winning goal in basketball. It can be three things, 10 things, or 20 things. The point is to reflect on each one and celebrate every accomplishment on a daily basis.

2. Embrace Every New Day

Every day is truly a gift. Make the most of it. When you wake up, look forward to the possibilities the day gives you. Ponder these over your first cup of coffee or while on your commute to work, or even before getting up out of bed at all. Take a moment to feel the positive vibes that each morning is bringing to you. Tap into these vibes for mini mood boosts throughout the day.

3. Remember Accomplishments

You don’t want to get stuck in former glory, but you do want to preserve and celebrate good memories of past accomplishments that you are proud of. If things don’t seem to be going your way right now, remember, this too shall pass. Use your achievements as a guide to your future, says Life Cherish.

4. Be Grateful

Take time to reflect on the little things in life — this is what’s most important after all. From enjoying every day with your loved one in hospice as much as you possibly can, to having loving children, to having a roof over your head, to having bountiful food — these are all blessings we may take for granted. Readjusting your focus to remember how lucky you are with the little things, will add up to the big things in the end.

5. Define Your Goals

What would New Year’s be without a plan for the coming months? Whether personal or professional in nature, now is the time to reflect on the year that has passed, recognize what is still left to be achieved, and come up with a plan for making it happen in 2021.

6. Bask in the Present

Everyone has old patterns they get stuck in that keep us down and don’t allow us to be present in the moment. We tend to play the same music on repeat until it becomes a habit, and it’s hard to get out of that rut once it happens. Take this time to reflect on old beliefs you may be stuck on, and recognize the behavior and people that no longer serve you. Growth can come from this place of awareness.

7. See the Humor in the Everyday

Joy and humor can be found in each day. You just have to look for it, seek it out and embrace it when it happens. And don’t forget to thank yourself for putting up with everything that annoys you about your own self, in an effort to activate your own humor, suggests HuffPost. Bottom line, don’t take yourself — or others — too seriously. Life is too short for that.

8. Take Time for Yourself

Take small snippets out of your day to reward yourself just for being you. Have that chocolate bar, order that double latte, take that bubble bath after a long day: celebrate YOU in small ways each day.

9. Get Support

We can’t do it all alone. We as humans draw support from others in times of crisis, as well as in times of joy. Support groups can help with bereavement if you are facing the death of a loved one. One on one counseling can help as well. But perhaps the biggest support is your network of friends and family. Don’t hesitate to call them, lean on them, and get stronger because of their support.

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